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We believe that owning your own trampoline will offer the MOST FUN family outdoor activity available to anyone of any age. The sort of fun that leaves shining eyes and gives a happy healthy glow to everyone involved. Trampolining exercises all the major organs and muscles without undue stress. Astronauts use trampoline routines as part of their regular training. Skiers and surfers use trampolines to maintain their skills off-season. Doctors have discovered trampolining as one of the safest exercises for patients recovering from heart complaints. Kids will climb aboard their trampoline all year round for exercise and to share the fun with their friends.

Junior trampoline Trampoline - the big bouncer Trampoline - The super bouncer
Junior Bouncer Big Bouncer Super Bouncer
skywalker 12 trampoline Skywalker 14 trampoline
Sky Walker 12 Sky Walker 14


  • ALL trampolines NEED a level surface. If your site is not level, dig narrow trench(es) to allow the leg bases to be dropped down. If your trampoline is rocking in use or sloping downhill you will eventually break your frame. Lawn is an ideal surface, concrete or brick surfaces quickly abrade the leg bases, as well as being an unsafe place to land, and are not recommended.

  • Your trampoline can be left out all year round, as all the materials used are designed for a long life. Covers are not generally needed unless you are close to resin-producing trees (eg conifers), have animals with odd taste buds, or wish to place your trampoline "out of bounds"

  • Never allow people or animals to sit or lean on the pads whilst someone else is bouncing. This will considerably shorten the life of your pads as well as lower the performance of the trampoline.

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