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Please click on the Slides and swings that you are interested in.  

In this area you will find an exciting range of slides, wooden pole and metal tubular swings from several well known manufacturers

Outdoor toys at Taylors

All sets are designed for self-assembly.

Metal swing set Metal swing set Metal swing set Metal play set
Metal swing set 1 Metal swing set 2 Metal swing set 3 Swing set 4
Metal play set Metal play set adult swing set
Metal play set Metal multi set Adult swing set
Double garden swing Single swing and slide Double swing Ladder and slide Ladder and slide

Wooden Swing

Swing and Slide

Double Swing


Trio Swing


Langhale's other range of outdoor toys

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Swings and slides Inflatable and steel framed pools Miscellaneous toys such as bouncy castles and table tennis tables

Swings / Slides

Swimming pools