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The Tack range of summerhouses and garden buildings.

Tack timber constructions manufacture some of Europe's finest buildings, craftsmanship and experience are at the root of this wide and extremely varied product range of standard kits.  Made to order models are also possible and can be completely manufactured to your own sizes and specifications.  Please contact us for a quotation.

Buildings within this range have various cladding options from 19mm smooth panels up to 45mm rounded profile logs.

These are the very basic buildings in the range, many variations are available, please view the gallery for inspiration and possibilities and then contact us to discuss your requirements

Flat roof Buildings

Pyramid roof Buildings

 Rounded roof Buildings

round roof summerhouse, garden building 3m wide round roof summerhouse, garden building 4m wide

3m width


4m width



Octagonal / Decagonal Buildings

Octagonal summerhouse, garden building

Decagonal summerhouse, garden building





Corner, pentagonal Buildings


"Amerika" Buildings


Tack Range of Log Cabins

Tack also produce are large range of log cabins, please click on the picture for further details

Tack range of log cabins