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Monmouth play tower

Monmouth play tower - play system


Without swing arm option:

  • As the Monmouth play centre but without the swing arm and swings, this reduces the width by 3m

Double tower option:

  • 2 towers

  • Wooden staircase and roofs

  • 2 swings, green slide, sandpit and commando net

  • Clatter bridge

A sturdy and attractive wooden staircase allows access for very young children as well as older children to the enclosed platform and 3m wavy slide.  Off one side is an 8 rung x 4 strand commando net, on the other a tall swing arm with two swings and climbing rope.


The Monmouth can also be extended with a clatter bridge, either connecting to another Monmouth tower and staircase, or with rungs at the end of the clatter bridge.


A further additional extra available for the Monmouth is a sand pit within the tower.


Manufactured from top grade pine with as few manmade materials as possible.  The seasoned timber is machined and finished to within 1mm tolerances.


The full play centre includes:

  • 8 rung x 4 strand commando net

  • Wooden staircase

  • 2 swings

  • Climbing rope

  • Swing arm

  • 3m Green wavy slide

10 year no quibble guarantee against rot and insect infestations.


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Platform Size

1.2m x 0.9m

Platform Height


Overall Dimensions (Length along swing arm):

L5.8m x 4.5m

Overall Height

3.1 m

Swing Arm Height


Tower dimensions:

1.2m x 0.9m x 3.1 m