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Clearline Polycarbonate greenhouse
Clearline Polycarbonate greenhouse

Polycarbonate safety greenhouses are the ideal choice in situations where children may be plating, because they will not shatter.  Natural aluminium and green frame options are available.
  • Safe because, unlike the horticultural glass, polycarbonate will not shatter
  • Double glazed because the material features twin wall construction
  • Easy to handle - no sharp edges
  • Diffuses light for even illumination
  • Superior insulation for economical heating of the greenhouse
  • 6'5" wide and a choice of 3 lengths
  • Optional base plinth available for easy installation
  • Natural aluminium or optional, maintenance-free green frame finish
  • Roof vent fitted as standard.


Ridge Height: 2.09m (6'10"), Eaves Height: 1.33m (4'4")

6'5" x 5' (1.97x1.52m)
6'5" x 7'4" (1.97x2.24m)
6'5" x 9'8" (1.97x2.96m)

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