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Sherborne greenhouse

We are able to fully install this greenhouse in most areas nationally, please contact us for a quote.


Available models:


Overall Length

Base Length

Roof vents

9 x 10

9' 9" (2980 mm)

9' 8½" (2958 mm)

2 Double

9 x 12

12' 2" (3700 mm)

12' 0¾" (3676 mm)

4 Single

9 x 14

14' 6" (4440 mm)

14' 5" (4394 mm)

2 D + 2S

All models:

Overall width

9' 1" (2770 mm)


Eaves height

5' 0¼" (1530 mm)

* incl. opt. 80 mm base

Ridge height

8' 1½" (2480 mm)

* incl. opt. 80 mm base

Door H * W

6' 2¾" * 2' 7" (1900 * 790 mm)


Base width

8' 11¾" (2734 mm)




The top quality greenhouse for the most discerning of growers.

Heavy-duty construction puts the Sherborne amongst the strongest greenhouses money can buy. Available in natural or green finish, it has built-in concealed rainwater gutters, generously sized hinged door with residential-style lever-operated door latch and key- lockable mortice bolt, plus much, much more.

Glass is silicone sealed for extra strength and safety. Measuring 9ft 1in wide, it comes in lengths of 9ft 9in, 12ft 2in, or 14ft 6in, and provides a generous 8ft 1½in ridge height including base.

An easy-assemble aluminium base plinth is available.

Heavy-duty construction.  One of the strongest greenhouses money can buy.

  • Built in concealed rainwater gutters, down pipes included.

  • Residential style lever operated door latch and key lockable mortice bolt.

  • Two double sided roof vents as standard

  • 9'1" width and a choice of lengths.

  • Choice of natural or green finishes.

  • Optional elegant finials and ridge cresting available on green models.

  • Generous sized hinged door.

  • Silicon sealed glass for strength and safety.

  • Optional easy assembly base plinth.

 Accessories available


Glazing Safety

Most greenhouses are glazed with horticultural glass which can be dangerous if broken.  If your greenhouse will be sited in a public place, or where children or elderly people may be present we strongly recommend you to choose toughened glass (BS6206) or polycarbonate safety glazing options. 

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