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Lugarde log cabins offering unrivalled quality.  These buildings are of such a size that they lend themselves well to be used for a variety of uses for recreation or hobby, Guesthouses or offices


Available in two standard wall thicknesses; 28 and 44mm.  The buildings are able to be fully customised with additional length, height and also with the addition of doors and windows.  All buildings are delivered with pressure impregnated foundation beams.


Lugarde have over 50 different buildings, please click here to view the others in the range.

lugarde Log cabins at Taylors

28mm Cabins


44mm Cabins

Multi room 44mm cabins

Lugarde log cabins - The daisy Lugarde log cabins - The Daphne Lugarde log cabins - The eleanor Lugarde log cabins - The ruben


The Daphne



"Matrix" cabins

We are able to arrange the manufacture of virtually any size cabin, where by we use a matrix system to work out costs and specifications.  This is only available for the 44mm logs.  Please contact us should you wish to discuss your own design

Windows and doors

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Ready Board

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