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We are able to fully install all our log cabins Nationwide

Quality log cabins from our Hillhout range

Quality in every Detail!!

Please contact us prior to ordering as we are able to offer further discounts on these buildings.

Hillhout Log cabins at Taylors

All the Hillhout cabins are of a superior quality and craftsmanship to last for years and years to come

Using the vast range of accessories that accompany the HillHout selection,  hundreds of variations are possible.

We can even arrange manufacture of "special cabins", put your ideas on paper and we'll arrange a quote.

The wood used in the Hillhout range are  from sustainable Scandinavian pine-forests;  Straight and regularly formed to produce a solid log cabin.

Hillhout cabins are placed on pressure impregnated foundation beams to prevent any rotting at the base.

Wall logs for the Hillhout  range are 28mm thick smooth logs with conical tongue and groove.  

Hillhout roofs are made of strong windproof construction.  They are finished in quality shingles for pointed roofs or roofing felt for sloping.  The standard colour is green.

Hillhout - Clearly the best; Quality in every detail.










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