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Finnforest log cabin

Finnforest 28mm - 45mm log cabin range

Finnforest Log cabins at Taylors

A log cabin is your private garden hideaway. Itís life without rules: it becomes whatever you make of it. Maybe youíre looking for a quiet retreat, somewhere to sit, read, and watch the leaves flutter in the breeze. Perhaps you need space for a hobby or to store the clutter of an active outdoor life.

A Finnforest log cabin is your gymnasium and your office, your sauna and your summerhouse, your studio and your workshop. It could be all of them Ö or it could be none of them.

Manufactured from 28mm premium quality Scandinavian softwood. The complete cabin kit includes:

  • Timber joists

  •  Wall logs - 28, 38 or 45mm thick

  •  Floor boards

  •  Ready-made doors, glazed & fitted

  •  Gables

  •  Ridgepole

  •  Roof boards

  •  Pre-cut boards and battens

  •  Corner reinforcements and wall battens

  •  Roofing: Roof shingles supplied with every model

  •  All necessary screws, nuts, nails and hinges in separate kit

  •  Assembly instructions for easy DIY

Finnforest cabins are packed in the correct order for assembly. The packaging is designed for easy handling, delivery and storage.

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