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At present, we have seven dovecotes in this range, five post cotes and three wall mounted. All the cotes are designed and built to the highest standard of workmanship. One of these dovecotes is in Kew Gardens. All the cotes are built to the same basic criteria: firstly, the birds' needs must be catered for. Equally important the aesthetics of the cote should be such that no matter the sitting, it should both compliment and bring its own charm to the scene.

The post that is supplied is pressure treated and sized to give strength but also to compliment the cote. The post goes 900mm into the ground, has about 2100 mm showing between the cote and the ground, with a further 600mm inside the cote which acts as a spine. Supplied is a set of cross braces that act as a root system.

Treatment is done after building. The cote is dipped into timber treatment so that all the end cuts, board joints and the inaccessible areas right inside the cote (like the roof void) get treated. The painted cotes are also dipped to treat internal woodwork, they are then given three coats of white micro porous paint.