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Western Red Cedar Gazebo's New!!

Our stunning gazebos manufactured from Western Red Cedar.

Western red cedar Summerhouses at Taylors

The word "Gazebo" was coined in the 18th century to describe an outdoor shelter, usually in a garden. Today Gazebos show up everywhere. Gazebos can provide a stylish shelter for an outdoor hot tub, or an ideal poolside change room, home office or exercise room or for just relaxing with a glass of wine. In a garden, a Gazebo is always a perfect place to hold family dinner parties, weddings or concerts. A style of Gazebo to fit every lifestyle

  • Rich Grain and vibrant colour.
  • Excellent dimensional stability and endurance. 
  • All weather building material.  Red cedar contains natural oils that act as preservatives to help the wood resist insects and decay.
  • Non-Toxic making it safe for all uses.  Cedar required no chemical treatment unless the wood is in direct contact with the ground
  • Red Cedar is probably best known for its distinctive aroma.  Over time the wood remains subtly aromatic and the characteristic fragrance adds another dimension to the universal appeal of Cedar buildings.

12' Octagonal gazeebo

12' Octagon

14' octagonla gazeebo

14' Octagon

10' All season Hexagon gazeebo

10' All-season

10' Square gazeebo

10' Square

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