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Lugarde Brochure  PDF brochures

Please note: With our commitment to the lowest prices available, please disregard any prices shown within the brochures as these will be FULL retail price.  Please view the product pages for our current discounted price.


  • Summerhouses

  • Sheds

  • Log cabins

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Page 1 Cover page, introduction and key
Page 2 Prima Vera
Page 3 Prima Vienna, leonie and Jardin
Page 4 Prima Four seasons and Andrea
Page 5 Prima Jeffrey
Page 6 Prima Louisa and Carolien
Page 7 Prima Donna and Christina
Page 8 Prima Tessa and exclusief
Page 9 Prima Excellant, Deluxe and Sunshine
Page 10 Prima Grand lady
Page 11 Combinations
Page 12 Royal Garden
Page 13 Grand Four
Page 14 Grand Five, Six and seven
Page 15 Prima Suzanne and Riane
Page 16 Prima Jasmin and Sebia
Page 17 Prima Nadine
Page 18 Fifth Avenue series
Page 19 Fifth Avenue duo
Page 20 Piramide series
Page 21 Flat roof series
Page 22 Log cabins
Page 23 Technical Data