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Langhale gardens amalgamated with Taylors Garden Buildings in 2004 and have brought to the market place a vast range of products from Langhale with the benefit of a manufacturing experience spanning over 50 years from Taylors.

   About Langhale and Taylors

Langhale Gardens: formed by the way of farm diversification and almost by accident in 2000.  We had enjoyed a background of farming the 500 acre estate for generations but had found it necessary to find other outlets.  Due to our connections with the farming industry and various suppliers we found our selves dealing mainly with large farm sectional.  As time progressed and grasping the internet technology we tentatively stepped into the world of e-commerce.  Within a short time we became one of the countries foremost retailer offering a large range of buildings, not just farm style but now garden buildings.  The ranges expanded into sheds, log cabins, summerhouses and many other off shoots including garden accessories.  Our coverage was fully nationwide across the UK and we were also able to offer a fitting service for all our buildings.

Taylors Garden Buildings:  Taylors is a long established manufacturer and was formed in 1953.  They specifically specialised in bespoke buildings and manufacturing summerhouses and sheds to the old fashioned traditional standards using all the old joinery techniques.  They were never tempted by the mass market opportunities that had been presented to them preferring to concentrate on good, solid and stable products that saw them maintain a good market hold for over 50 years.

Amalgamation: Langhale Gardens had been sending numerous orders through to Taylors for bespoke products and the relationship built over a period of time finally in 2004 the amalgamation of the two companies.  Together they can now offer not only the largest range of garden buildings but also the experience and expertise that only 50 years of trading can bring.

 Langhale and Taylors Tel: 01508 489260 Fax:01508 481622